How does the driver login work in TruckLogics?
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Once you got your driver login set by your fleet owner, you can access the account through the web portal and mobile app. With the account, you will be able to do the following:

View Assigned Dispatches
If your fleet owner assigns a dispatch for you, then you will get a notification on your mobile app. You can then view the details under Dispatches >> Assigned Dispatches in your account. To get notifications on the assigned/unassigned dispatches to your mobile, you need to opt for it under Settings >> Notifications

Notify Dispatch Status
You can notify your owner and the customer on the dispatch status from load pick up until delivery by adding check calls. Every time you add a check call, tap Save & Notify to send email/text to your customer and fleet owner.

Add Fuel & Other Expenses
You can add the fuel and other expenses incurred during a dispatch. Then, submit it to your fleet owner for reimbursement.

Enter Trip Sheet
You can either enter the trip sheet manually or use ProMiles to automatically calculate the miles and fuel usage during a dispatch. If required, you can change the route and the miles are recalculated based on the new route. To change a route, tap the + icon and add routes.

View Settlements
Under the Settlements tab of each dispatch, you can view the settlements added by your fleet owner.

Share Documents
In case you need to provide any bills, receipts, or other attachments to your fleet owner, tap Add Document to add and share documents related to dispatch. You can also add while adding fuel and other expenses. 

Schedule Truck/Trailer Maintenance
Schedule the truck & trailer maintenance to keep your trucks & trailers ready for the long haul.

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