How to import load from DAT into TruckLogics?
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Once you find a matching load for your business, you need to contact the company that posted the load in DAT for negotiation. After a successful negotiation, you have to import the load into your TruckLogics account. Then, you can assign those loads to your drivers for dispatch. 
Here’s how to import load from DAT load board into your TruckLogics account,
Step 1: Connect to DAT
        • Sign in to TruckLogics and go to Settings >> Load >> Load Board.
        • Enter your DAT credentials and click Connect DAT.

Step 2: Search For Loads
        • After connecting to DAT, go to Load Board.
        • Under Search Loads, provide the Equipment Type, Date, Origin, and Destination. Click Search to search and list all the matching loads.
        • Choose the matching loads by referring to the details that include load age, origin, destination, load type, company that posted, Price, and more.
        • To contact the company for negotiation, you can either click Email Prospect to send an email or call them using the contact number provided under each load.

Step 3: Import Loads to TruckLogics
        • After confirming the offer, click Import to TruckLogics to import the load to your TruckLogics account.
        • Provide the details of the customer/carrier/broker along with the hauling fee, shipper, and consignee. Click Create Load to add this load to your TruckLogics account.
        • You can now find the imported loads under the Loads >> All Loads in your TruckLogics account.
        • Click Create Dispatch against the selected load and assign it to your driver for dispatch.

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