How does DAT Load Board Integration work in TruckLogics?
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TruckLogics has partnered with the world's best load board provider, DAT, to provide its users with a Load Board feature along with the Trucking Solution all in one place. DAT Load Board allows you to search for loads and post trucks in real-time based on preferred origin and destination, thus increasing the business efficiency and profit.

How does DAT load board Integration work

To connect to the DAT account from TruckLogics, all you need to do is set up a DAT account in your TruckLogics account. After connecting to the DAT account, you can search for matching loads, contact the company for negotiation, and import the selected loads to your TruckLogics account. Then you can proceed to create a dispatch and assign it to your driver to deliver the load. 
DAT Account Setup
To access the load board feature from your TruckLogics account, you need to connect to the DAT account. If you are already a DAT user, then go to Settings >> Load >> Load Board and directly provide your DAT credentials. Then, click Connect DAT to sign in to your DAT account. If not, sign up to create one.
Search Loads
Once DAT integration is done, you can search for matching loads. Under the Load Board tab, go to Search Loads to enter your search criteria such as the location, vehicle type, and load type. As the search result, a list of the relevant loads is generated based on the search criteria. Then choose the right load, contact the company to negotiate, and import the load to your TruckLogics account. 
Post Trucks
If any of your truck is idle with no loads to dispatch, then you can post the details of your available truck, which includes Equipment Type, Origin, Destination, Available Date, Equipment Length, and Weight to the DAT load board. The DAT users looking for trucks to move their loads would find your truck posted on DAT and contact you directly for a business deal. To post the trucks, go to Load Board >> Post a Truck.

Watch the video below and learn how DAT Load Board Integration work in TruckLogics

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