How to manage expenses for a dispatch in TruckLogics?
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To better calculate your fleet’s costs, revenue, and profit, you must track the fuel and other expenses made during a dispatch. Specifically, you need to know how much money you spend on a dispatch. In TruckLogics, you can record the fuel up and other expenses added by you and your driver against a dispatch. In case of any payment made by the driver, you can choose to reimburse them. You can also choose to deduct the amount spent on fuel and other expenses from the driver's pay. 
How to add fuel & other expenses:

  1. Go to Dispatches and select a dispatch to add fuel and other expenses.
  2. Under the Expenses tab, click + Add Fuel Expense to record the fuel up expenses and click + Add Other Expense to record other expenses.

Here's how to reimburse or deduct amount:
While adding fuel and other expenses under each dispatch, check the Reimburse to Drivers? Checkbox to reimburse them or check the Deduct from Pay? Checkbox to deduct the amount from the driver's pay. 

Drivers can also record expenses incurred during dispatch using the Trucklogics mobile app. To do that, access needs to be set up for the drivers to use the TruckLogics mobile application.

Watch the video below and learn how to add and track expenses in TruckLogics

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