How do I manage income and expense transactions in TruckLogics?
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Applicable To
Fleet Managers Drivers Leased Operators Owner Operators Brokers

Here's what you can do related to income.
Add Income - Any amount that comes into your business against a dispatch as revenue can be added as income.  
Manage income transactions under Accounts >> Income Transactions.
Here's what you can do related to expenses.

  • Add Fuel & Other Expenses - Add delete fuel, and other expenses made for a dispatch. 
  • Delete Expenses - Remove expense details by selecting and deleting it.  
  • Add Recurring Expenses - Add recurring expenses by selecting the expenses category and the frequency.  
  • Upload Fuel Expenses - Bulk import fuel expenses using TruckLogics Fuel Up Template, Fleet One Template, or Comdata Template. 
  • Approve or Reject Expenses - The expenses claimed by your driver can be approved or rejected. The approved expenses are added as reimbursement in the driver settlement.

Manage expense transactions under Accounts >> Expense Transactions.


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