How to manage the received payments?
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Once you receive payments from your customers/carriers/brokers/factoring companies for an invoice, it will be recorded under Accounts >> Receive Payments. Let’s take a quick look at how you can manage payments received in TruckLogics.
Record Full or Partial Payments
If a customer pays you in, you can record the payments paid fully or partially by your customers.
Here's how to record full payments:

  1. Log in to your TruckLogics account
  2. Go to Accounts >> Receive Payments.
  3. Select a contact by using the Look Up option.
  4. Check the Receive Full Payment option to record the full payment.

To record partial payments, uncheck the Receive Full Payment option. This will make the Payment Amount column editable to modify the amount.







Manage payments for multiple invoices

In TruckLogics, you can record multiple payments associated with a contact in one go. When you select a contact, all pending invoice payments associated with that contact will be displayed. You can select the invoices you want to record, and the remaining will be similarly listed the next time you select that particular contact for invoicing.
You can record payments either under Accounts >> Receive Payments or while generating an invoice for a contact for a dispatch. 

Payment Method
Received payments can be recorded under the following payment modes:

  • Check - Provide the check number from which you received the payment.
  • Cash - Provide additional information, if any.
  • EFT - Provide the processing fee and net amount received from an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) method.
  • Credit Card - Provide the processing fee, and net amount received and choose the card through which the payment is made.

Handle Overpaid Invoices
If any of your invoices are overpaid, then the extra amounts are saved as Unapplied Credits and used in the next billing cycle.

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