How do I track the trip details and driver payments for dispatches?
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Track trip details
You can track all your trip details associated with each of your trucks under Reports >> IFTA Reports >> Trip Report
This report provides an overview of all trips of your trucks during a specific period, including the start & end locations, total driven miles, and odometer readings of each trip recorded from your trucks. You can filter the report by specific truck and for any year/month/date range. 

Track driver payments
To view the settled payments of your drivers, you need to navigate to Reports >> Customer Reports >> Driver Payments Reports. And, if you want to track the driver payments that are pending to be settled, then go to Accounts >> Driver Settlements >> Drivers Non-Settled
Here, you can click Make Payment to record the payments. If your driver works on a contract, then you can choose to generate and make the final settlement through PayWow, a sister product of TruckLogics.

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