How to assign a driver and truck for a dispatch?
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TruckLogics has a few built-in features that a truck owner should be aware of before assigning a driver or a truck to a dispatch. These come in handy, especially for Fleet Managers with multiple trucks & trailers and multiple drivers to manage their fleet. 

Here’s what they facilitate:

  • The Dispatch Schedule allows you to check on the availability of a truck on a particular day. 
  • Why list all the trucks in a dispatch to choose from? It makes it easier when only the trucks associated with the driver are listed. The Driver Preferences option allows you to assign trucks to drivers. 
  • Not all Trailer types fit every truck you have. Only the trailers that suit the freight type are to be listed when a truck is assigned to a dispatch. The Truck Preferences option allows you to assign trailers to trucks based on trailer type.

Driver & Truck Preferences
Setting the truck preferences for drivers and the trailer preferences for trucks makes it convenient for fleet managers to assign trucks with the right trailer type during the dispatch. The option to choose a different truck or trailer is available, though. These preferences are accessible from the menu TruckZone >> Driver Preferences.

Truck Availability
The Dispatch Schedule feature lists whether a truck is available or not on a particular day. The fleet manager can then decide on the dispatch date based on the availability of the truck.  
It helps find unavailable trucks, ones that are assigned for LTL shipments and are on delivery. You can filter the truck status specific to month, week, and date. The feature is accessible from either the menu Dispatches or from the dashboard.

Assign Driver & Truck

While creating a quick dispatch or a dispatch for an existing load, you can assign the driver(s) and truck. The driver then gets the notification on the assigned dispatches.
Here's how you assign a driver and truck to a dispatch:

  1. From the main menu Dispatches, choose the dispatch number.
  2. Click the Driver & Equipment tab.
  3. Choose a driver from the dropdown list or add a new one. Opt if the driver is to be notified by email or text message.
  4. Click Add Additional Driver to assign a second one.
  5. If the driver's preferences were set, the trucks and trailers associated with the driver would have defaulted with the option to choose another. 

To reassign a driver for a dispatch, go to Driver & Equipment tab and tap Unassign to unassign a driver. Before unassigning a driver, make sure to void that driver's settlement, if made any. 

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