How do I manage driver settlements?
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Keeping on top of your driver settlements can be complex. In TruckLogics, you can track and manage settlements under Accounts >> Driver Settlements.
Here’s how the driver settlements are managed,

Settled and Unsettled Driver Payments
View the pending of your drivers under Accounts >> Driver Settlements >> Drivers Non-Settled and settled payments under Accounts >> Driver Settlements >> Driver Payments

Record Driver Payments
To record payments made to your drivers:

  1. Go to Accounts >> Driver Settlements >> Drivers Non-Settled.
  2. Click Make Payment next to each driver to record the payment.

Recurring Deductions
You can manage the repeated deductions that are deducted periodically from your driver's payment by adding it as Recurring Deductions. To add recurring deductions. 

  1. Go to Accounts >> Driver Settlements >> Recurring Deductions.
  2. Enter Recurring Deduction Name.
  3. Select Occurrence Type as how frequently you need the deduction to happen.
  4. Enter Driver Name and Deduction Amount.

Driver Payment Report
Get a detailed report on settled driver payments under Reports >> Driver Reports >> Driver Payment Report. This report details the gross pay, net pay, and deductions made for each driver. You can filter the report specific to a driver name, year, month, and date range.

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