What are the financial reports available in TruckLogics?
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Applicable To
Fleet Managers Drivers Leased Operators Owner Operators Brokers

The financial reports in TruckLogics help you understand the financial health, activities, performance of your business. 

Here’re the few financial reports that are available:

  • Profit and Loss Report - Gives an overview of the money spent as expenses or received as income for all the account categories of your business.
  • Year End Tax Report - Tracks each dollar received and spent against your business during the entire tax year.
  • Customers Revenue Report - This report provides information on the top customers in terms of revenue. 
  • Driver Payment Reports - Get detailed statements of all payments settled to each driver specific to a time period.
  • IFTA Reports - Get an insight of the miles driven, fuel used by your trucks, and the total fuel tax due to your base state.


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