How ProMiles help generate tripsheet to calculate miles?
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For accurate filing and to avoid penalties, it is critical that we accurately calculate the taxable and non-taxable miles for each jurisdiction the vehicle travels. It is quite cumbersome to accurately calculate these figures.

With our integration with Promiles, you can generate trip sheets on a single click of a button. Not only it is quick and easy but is accurate in the calculation of taxable miles. 
With ProMiles, the calculation of taxable and non-taxable miles for each state jurisdictions is available. Also, ProMiles has Fuel Optimization and Route planning features.

Generate tripsheet:

  1. For a dispatch, under the Trip Sheet tab, select Enter Trip Sheet Using Promiles
  2. Choose a default Routing Method to calculate the miles for your trip
  3. Enter the trip start date and time
  4. Enter the Start and End Locations.
  5. Click Save and Calculate miles.

The taxable and non-taxable miles will be automatically calculated in the Trip Log based on the start and end locations. The taxable miles will be used for IFTA report generation.

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