How does a driver add Check Calls for a dispatch?
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A check call is generally added to report about the dispatch status to the Fleet Manager or Customer. For the driver to be able to add Check Calls, he or she first needs to have access to the TruckLogics Driver App

When a dispatch is assigned to a driver, a notification will be sent via email, and the driver can view the dispatches assigned through the Driver App. Once the dispatch is taken, the driver will be able to add check calls at various stages of the dispatch route including the pickup and the delivery location. Option to add check calls offline is also available.

Here's how a driver can add check call for a dispatch

  1. Log in to your TruckLogics Driver App
  2. Under a dispatch, tap and select Add Check Call.
  3. Choose a check call activity and other details.
  4. Tap Save and Notify

By enabling automatic-check call notifications, the fleet manager can automatically receive notifications via email or text messages, when the driver adds a check call. 
Also available is the Geo-Fencing feature that allows fleet managers to track dispatches in real-time and the driver does not have to add a check call. 
You can enable the feature from Settings >> Dispatch Settings >> Freight Tracking. The feature will let you receive automatic notifications for every specific mile your truck covers during the dispatch. And, before enabling this feature, make sure your drivers use a GPS enabled device.

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