How do I claim the credit on the HVUT excise paid on Form 2290? 
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The filers can claim a refund of the HVUT paid if their vehicle goes through any one of the following: 

  1. Low Mileage Credit - If you had filed Form 2290 and paid the HVUT for your vehicle, and the vehicle remains suspended (doesn't cross 5000 miles) during the tax year, you can claim a refund on the HVUT amount paid for the vehicle.
  2. Sold/Destroyed/Stolen - If you paid the HVUT for your vehicle and it was sold, destroyed, or lost during the tax year, the HVUT amount paid can be claimed.
  3. Overpayment of Taxes - If you had filed your Form 2290 erroneously and paid an excessive HVUT, this tax amount can be claimed from the IRS.

You must file Form 8849 to claim a refund on the HVUT paid. You can also use the HVUT as a credit amount while filing your Form 2290 return for the next tax year. 

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