How does a driver e-sign the BOL using the TruckLogics mobile App?
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When the driver is assigned to the dispatch, the fleet manager can send the request to e-sign the BOL from the BOL Activity section of the dispatch.  The option to notify the driver when they are assigned to the dispatch is available. 

 Here are the ways a driver can e-sign the BOL:

  • Embedded Link in Email

For this option, there has to be an email address for the driver. When an e-sign request is made, an email notification is sent to the driver with an embedded link. On click of this link, options to electronically sign the BOL is available.

  • Using Driver Mobile App

Driver’s having a TruckLogics account can e-sign the BOL of the assigned dispatches using the TruckLogics mobile app. 

E-sign using Mobile app

For the driver to e-sign the BOL using the TruckLogics mobile app, they first need to have a TruckLogics account.  Here’s how it is done:

  • Driver signs into driver’s mobile app.
  • Choose the assigned dispatch. Under tab Load, scroll down to the BOL section.
  • Click on the e-sign icon against the Driver.

When the BOL is e-signed by the driver, a notification email is sent to the fleet manager. Also, the status will reflect under the BOL Activity section. The option to resend the e-sign section is also available to the fleet manager.


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