How a Shipper or Consignee e-signs the BOL on the driver's mobile App?
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The fleet manager can send the request to the shipper/consignee to e-sign the BOL from the BOL Activity section of the dispatch.  They can do it from either the web app or the TruckLogics mobile app.

Here are the ways a Shipper/Consignee can e-sign the BOL:

  • Embedded Link in Email

When an e-sign request is made, an email notification with an embedded link is sent to the shipper or consignee. On click of this link, options to electronically sign the BOL is available.

  • Using Driver’s Mobile App

Though shippers/consignees do not have access to the TruckLogics account, they are likely to be in close proximity to the driver at the pick-up and drop-off locations. Taking this into consideration, provision for shippers/consignees to electronically sign on the driver’s mobile device is available.

E-sign on Driver’s Mobile

To allow this, the driver first needs to have a TruckLogics account.  Here’s how the driver signs in to their mobile app:

  • Driver signs into driver’s mobile app.
  • Choose the assigned dispatch. Under tab Load, scroll down to the BOL section.
  • If the request to e-sign was initiated, the option for shipper/consignee to e-sign will be available.

At the pick-up or drop-off location, the driver can have the shipper/consignee e-sign on their device.

  • Driver clicks E-Sign BOL against the shipper or consignee. 
  • Shipper/Consignee e-sign’s on the driver’s mobile device.

When the BOL is e-signed by the shipper/consignee, a notification email is sent to the fleet manager. The status will reflect under the BOL Activity section of the dispatch. The option to resend the e-sign section is also available to the fleet manager.


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