How does an Independent Dispatcher create an account for their clients in TruckLogics?
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An independent dispatcher can manage the dispatches of their clients in TruckLogics. Unlike an individual with a dispatcher role in a Fleet Manager account, an independent dispatcher will have a separate account in TruckLogics to manage all their clients’ dispatches.

Ways to Create a Client’s Account
There are two ways an independent dispatcher can create their client’s TruckLogics account.

  1. Create Account for Client
    One way is to create an account on their client’s behalf. This option is selected when the independent dispatcher wants to manage the client’s TruckLogics account independently, and there is no need for any approval from the clients to get started. An email notification will be sent to the client once the account is created.
  2. Invite Client to Create Account
    Alternatively, the independent dispatcher can send an email Invite to the Client and have them create one. This option is selected when the independent dispatcher would want their client’s approval before they start managing their dispatches. An email invite is sent to the client’s email address to create an account in TruckLogics

Currently, TruckLogics does not support this option

Here's how an independent dispatcher creates a client account

  • Sign in as Independent Dispatcher. Go to Control Panel.
  • From the clients you added, click Create Account against the client you wish to create an account.

If you haven’t added any clients, click + Add New Client to enter the client details and assign the client to a dispatcher. The client will be displayed on the List of Clients page.

Here, TruckLogics provides you with two options to create the client’s account


  • .Click Create Account.
  • The client’s business name & contact details will be auto-filled. You can choose to edit the details if required and click Create Account.

Account access for Client
Unlike independent dispatchers who sign in through a separate portal, their clients can access their accounts from TruckLogics. When the independent dispatcher creates the account, the clients’ credentials will be emailed to them directly. In the case of the invite option, the client creates the account and will be familiar with the credentials they set.

In summary, depending on whether the client’s approval is required to manage their dispatches or if the independent dispatcher wants to manage the client's account independently, options are available for an independent dispatcher to create their client’s TruckLogics account.

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