How does an Independent dispatcher remove client access for a dispatcher?
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The independent dispatcher can manage all the client’s account and their dispatches single-handedly or add a few dispatchers and assign them to manage the clients. Even after assigning the clients to a dispatcher, the independent dispatcher can manage the client’s account.

Ways to remove client access for a dispatcher
There are two ways the independent dispatcher can remove client access for a dispatcher.

Reassign clients to another dispatcher

  • Log in as Independent Dispatcher. Go to Control Panel and click the  icon against a client assigned to a dispatcher for whom you wish to restrict access.
  • In the Update Client Details popup, assign this client to another dispatcher, and click Update.

The client will get assigned to another dispatcher, thereby restricting the client's access to the previously assigned dispatcher.

Block Dispatcher

Another way to remove client access for a dispatcher is to block a dispatcher. Doing this will block the dispatcher’s account and remove all the client accounts assigned to the dispatcher. 

  • Go to Manage Dispatchers.
  • From the dispatcher list, click the  icon against the dispatcher for whom you want to remove client access.
  • Select Yes on the Block Dispatcher popup

Now, an email will be triggered to the dispatcher stating that the dispatcher’s account is blocked. Until the account is unblocked, the dispatcher will have no access to the client’s account and dispatches.

The clients assigned to this dispatcher will get reassigned to the independent dispatcher, who can either choose to manage them or assign them to another dispatcher.

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