How do I set a deadline for my driver to respond to an assigned dispatch?
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The Driver Acknowledgment feature allows users to quickly assign drivers to dispatches by requesting a quick confirmation from drivers. Users can also set a deadline for the drivers to respond.

Here’s how to set a deadline

  • From the Dispatches menu, choose the dispatch number.
  • Click the Driver & Equipment tab.
  • Choose a driver from the dropdown list or add a new one.
  • Click on the Assign & Wait for Confirmation button and check the box that says “Set a time frame for the driver to respond.”
  • Enter the deadline and click on the Assign Driver and Equipment button.

The driver will receive an email notification with the dispatch details. They must accept or reject the dispatch by the deadline. If the driver accepts, declines, or fails to respond to the assigned dispatch by the deadline, the system will notify you of the driver's status update.

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