What happens when an independent dispatcher removes a client account?
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The independent dispatcher can create and manage the client's account and dispatches from the independent dispatcher portal. Once the independent dispatcher removes the client's account, the client will no longer exist in the independent dispatcher portal.

Here's what happens to the client's account, depending on who created the account.

Account Created by Client

If the client creates their account and is a subscribed user of TruckLogics, removing the client from the dispatcher portal won’t affect their activities in their TruckLogics account. They can continue to use their account without any interruptions.

Account Created by Independent Dispatcher

Suppose the independent dispatcher created the client’s account and paid for their account subscription fees. In that case, if the independent dispatcher removes the client from the dispatcher portal, the client’s account will be changed to a trial version.

If the independent dispatcher once again wants to manage the dispatches of that client, they can add that client details from the Manage Clients page and manage them in the dispatcher portal.

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