How can I use the IFTA only option on TruckLogics?
387 views | Last modified 9/29/2022 1:48:55 AM EST | Added by TruckLogics Team

For those who do not already have a subscription to TruckLogics, there is now an IFTA only option available for them to create their IFTA report. It is intended for businesses and service providers who only need to generate an IFTA report and do not require trucking management software.

Follow the steps below to create IFTA only option on Trucklogics:

  • Create an account on TruckLogics and select whether you are a Business Owner or a Service Provider.
  • Select the “Generate IFTA Report Only” option under the plan category. 

Now you can quickly generate an IFTA report using the IFTA only option on TruckLogics. 

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