How to calculate MPG and IFTA tax fuel?
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Carriers must calculate the amount of fuel tax payable for each jurisdiction. This depends on the applicable rates during the current IFTA quarter.

You must have the following information to prepare your IFTA Report:

The total miles driven by the IFTA licensee's qualifying motor vehicle(s) in all jurisdictions/states.

MPG Calculation
Miles Per Gallons(MPG) can be calculated using this formula:

MPG = Total Miles / Total Gallons
Eg, 10,000/2000 = 5 
MPG = 5


The total gallons or liters of fuel consumed by a qualified motor vehicle in all jurisdictions/states.

Fuel Tax Calculation:
Use the following formula to calculate gallons of fuel consumed in each jurisdiction.

Fuel Tax = Total Miles (Driven in a state) / MPG
Eg, Fuel tax = 2500/5 = 500
 Fuel TAX = 500


The fuel purchases per state or province are the metrics you need to calculate the fuel tax your company owes each jurisdiction. This calculation is made based on the rates in effect for the IFTA quarter.

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