How Does Daily Insights Report Work (Driver)?
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TruckLogics generates the daily insights report for drivers to help them to get an overview of the dispatches assigned for them. Every day, TruckLogics will email you the Daily Insights Report at 6 AM Local Time.

Note: All the metrics provided in this report are based on the data in your TruckLogics account. So, please make sure that you promptly update the Dispatch statuses in your TruckLogics account to ensure that the report we provide is as accurate as possible.

Here is a breakdown of each data provided in your daily insights report:

Current Trip

These are the details about your current trip information, including pick-up and drop-off.

Assigned Dispatches

These are the dispatches that have been assigned to you, but the trip hasn't started yet.

Dispatches Awaiting Confirmation

These are the dispatches that are awaiting your confirmation to be assigned.


Here, you can find out your overall earnings and the number of expenses that are approved, rejected, or pending approval.






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