How to use DAT load board in TruckLogics to find truck loads?
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The DAT board integration with TruckLogics has simplified the process to search and import load. The DAT Load Board feature allows you to find the right load you're looking for that meets your location and time requirements and import it to your TruckLogics account.

Based on your search requirement, DAT automatically lists all the matching loads for you to plan a new haul or fill your empty backhauls.
Steps to find the truckloads in TruckLogics using DAT: 

  1. Sign in to your TruckLogics account and go to the Load Board tab.
  2. Under Load Board >> Search Loads page, enter your search criteria based on the date, location, equipment type, and load type. 
  3. Click Search to list the relevant loads based on your search criteria.

       4. Select a load that matches the set criteria and click the expand button to view the load details.

       5. Click Email Prospect (or) use the contact number to contact the company that posted the load for negotiation.

Importing a load to TruckLogics

After the negotiation process is over, click the Import to TruckLogics button to import the load into your TruckLogics account.

Provide the required load details, shipper, and consignee details, and click on Create Load to import the load. Then assign the imported load to your drivers.

To view the list of contacted companies for loads, go to Load Board >> Search Loads >> My Prospects section.

To view the loads you've recently viewed, but have not yet contacted the company, go to Load Board >> Search Loads >> Recently Viewed Loads.

To view the loads that are bookmarked, go to Load Board >> Search Loads >> Bookmarked Loads.

Once the load you’ve created is imported into your TruckLogics account, you can proceed to create a dispatch and assign a driver to deliver the load. DAT load board feature also allows posting your idle trucks by including the equipment type, origin, destination, available date, and other details in the load board. Based on this, any DAT user looking to move their load can contact you for a business deal.

Watch the video below and learn how to find truck loads in TruckLogics using DAT load board

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