For quarterly IFTA reporting, is it possible to pull in the distance data from Motive ELDs and the fuel-ups from TruckLogics?
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Yes. Once you pull up the truck details from Motive, you can create them in TruckLogics and pull distance data from Motive during IFTA reporting. The fuel data will be pulled up from TruckLogics by default, but you have the option to pull the fuel data from Motive.

Distance Data from Motive

During IFTA reporting, the distance data for the Motive trucks are pulled from your Motive account. By clicking Import from Motive, you can pull the ELD recorded distance data and view it by each jurisdiction under the Trip Details.

Fuel Data from TruckLogics

During IFTA reporting, the trucks' fuel data in TruckLogics, similar to the trucks imported from Motive, is always pulled from TruckLogics by default. If there is no fuel data saved in TruckLogics, you can choose to click Import from Motive to pull the fuel data from Motive.

Based on the distance and fuel data, the IFTA tax amount is calculated with the penalty and credit for the quarter you choose to report.


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