How do I create a dispatch for a Load in TruckLogics?
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In TruckLogics, you can create a dispatch for the loads in two ways. You can either create dispatches for the existing undispatched loads or create a quick dispatch by providing the load details and then assigning a driver and truck to that dispatch.  

Dispatch Settings
There are a couple of preferences related to dispatches one can set from Settings >> Dispatch.    

  • Have dispatch number auto-generated or allow you to key in one.
  • Automatically send notifications to customers on the completion of the check call activity.


Create Dispatch
To create a dispatch, click Add New >> Dispatches.

  • Quick Dispatch
    Here you create a dispatch by providing the freight details, assign driver and truck to that dispatch all in a single flow.
    1. Choose Create Dispatch without Referring the Loads. Click Continue.
    2. Enter Dispatch Number (depends on preferences).
    3. Enter Customer/Carrier/Broker information
    4. Enter shipper, pickup location, consignee, and drop-off location.
    5. Enter freight details and charges.
    6. Choose how trip miles to be calculated- Google Maps, ProMiles, or Manually
    7. Assign Driver and Truck. Click Create Dispatch.
  • Dispatch from LOAD
    Here you can create dispatches for the existing undispatched loads and assign driver and truck to the dispatch.
    1. Choose Create Dispatch for existing Loads. Click Continue.
    2. From the FTL / LTL list, select Load, and click Create Dispatch.

    3. Enter Dispatch Number (depends on preferences).
    4. Under the Driver & Equipment tab, assign driver and truck for the dispatch.
    5. Under the Routing tab, the route is shown. You can add a stop or change the route. Plan the route using Route Plan and Fuel Optimization features.

Once the dispatch process commences, add check calls, generate trip sheets, record expenses, and generate driver settlements within the dispatch.

  • Clone a Dispatch
    To create a new dispatch for the same customer with a new pickup and delivery date, make use of the available cloning feature. 

    Click the Clone icon next to dispatch under Dispatches >> All Dispatches. You then modify the dispatch number and pickup & delivery date as per your requirement.

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