How do I request drivers/shippers/consignees to sign the BOL electronically?
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After creating a load/dispatch with freight details, you can generate BOL for dispatch and send email requests to your drivers, shippers, or consignees to sign the BOL electronically. This e-sign feature helps connect people contactless with their online presence.

Here’s how to request to e-sign BOL

  1. Under a load/dispatch, go to the BOL tab.
  2. View the BOL details and click Generate BOL.
  3. Under BOL Activity, click Request to E-sign to send an email request to the driver/shipper/consignee.

Once the request is sent, the driver/shipper/consignee will receive an email with a secure link to e-sign the BOL. The e-sign activities can be viewed under the BOL Activity.

Watch the video below and learn how to E-sign BOL (Bill of Lading) using TruckLogics.

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