How to create Driver Settlements in TruckLogics?
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TruckLogics calculates the driver settlements and allows you to pay the driver per mile, per loaded mile, a percentage of revenue, or manually, and the hauling charge will be determined instantly. 

Note: Before creating a driver settlement, make sure that you have assigned a ‘Drivers & Equipment’ for dispatch. 

Here's how to create driver settlements using TruckLogics:

Step 1:

Go to the dispatch ‘Settlements’ tab. The driver details will be populated automatically. 

Step 2:

In the ‘Hauling Charges’ section, the payment method and rates will be auto-populated if you have already provided them in the ‘Charges’ section while creating the load. 
Here, you can change the payment method from the drop-down.

  • Pay per Mile - Driver will be charged for the miles traveled.
  • Percentage - Driver will charge a certain percentage of the dispatch.
  • Manual pay - Manually enter the amount you pay or your driver.
  • Pay per Hour - Enter the number of hours traveled and the rate per hour. Total amount will be calculated based on the given hours and rate.

Step 3:

‘Fuel Surcharges Fee’ will be auto-populated if you have given it while creating a load for this dispatch. If not, you can add it by selecting the ‘Pay Method’ and enter the amount manually. 

Step 4:

You can enter any Accessorial costs here. Prior to entering the rate, choose the accessory category from the drop-down option. 
Click "+Accessorial Fee" if you want to add additional accessorial fees. Click the "X" beneath the accessorial category column to remove it. Once all necessary costs have been included, the total fees will be shown.

Step 5:

In the ‘Reimbursement’ section, the type should be selected from the drop-down menu, and rates should be entered manually.

If you want to add more than one reimbursement fee, click ‘+Reimbursement Fee’. To delete, click on the ‘X’ near the reimbursement category field. Total fees will be displayed at the bottom of the page after adding all the necessary fees. 

Step 6:

Once providing the settlement details, you will have two options.

When all the charges are included, you can save the settlement as a draft and edit it later. Once the settlement is ‘Save as Draft’, the tag on the sheet will be changed to Draft.

You can also directly ‘Save and Finalize’ the settlement or after the settlement is saved as a draft, click on the ‘Finalize’ button. The tag will be changed to ‘Final’.

Step 7:

The ‘Make payment’ option will record the payment made to the driver as part of driver settlements. Payment summary, Accessorial fee, and Reimbursement given will be displayed here.  

On this screen, you can also add a new Accessorial fee, Reimbursement, and Deduction by clicking on the respective buttons. Save the changes by clicking on the ‘Save’ button.


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