How to create a quick dispatch in TruckLogics?
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In TruckLogics, creating a dispatch and assigning it to a driver is a simple process. In order to create a dispatch quickly, you can add drivers, trucks, and equipment priorly. Also, you can update your default dispatch preferences before creating a dispatch. 

You can create a dispatch for the loads in two ways. 

  • You can create dispatches for the existing undispatched loads.
  • You can create a quick dispatch by providing the load details and then assigning a driver and truck to that dispatch. 

This article shows you the procedure to create a quick dispatch without referring to the loads.

Here’s how to create a quick dispatch:

Step 1: 

There are two possible ways to create a dispatch in TruckLogics. 

   (a) In Dashboard, go to ‘Add New’  >> Click ‘Dispatch’.

   (b) Go to the ‘Dispatches’ menu >> Click ‘New Dispatch’.

Step 2:

You will get a popup window as shown below. To create a quick dispatch in that, select ‘Create Dispatch without referring the Loads’ and click ‘Continue’

Step 3:

Choose to enter the dispatch number manually or generate one automatically for the dispatch (You can set the default preferences in ‘Settings’ >> ‘Dispatch’ >> ‘Dispatch Number’).

Step 4: 

Choose the Customer / Carrier / Broker from the list. If you are adding for the first time, you can add the details directly by clicking the ‘Add' button.

Step 5:

Add the shipper, consignee, pickup, drop off locations, and the date and time of each.

Optional: You can add pickup or delivery instructions and contact person details to help the driver with any queries related to pickup and delivery.

Step 6:

Add the freight details (for BOL purposes) and equipment (trailer) if required.

Step 7:

Add details about the charges and discount if applicable. You can add an additional accessorial fee and accessorial deduction based on your requirements.

Step 8: 

Choose whether the trip miles should be estimated manually, using ProMiles, or Google Maps.

Step 9:

To assign a driver for dispatch, you can choose from the list if you have already added it. If you are adding for the first time, click the ‘Add’ button and provide the driver information. 

Driver acknowledgment options: 

  • Assign Now: Assign the drivers to the dispatch directly without their acknowledgement. You can share the dispatch information via email or SMS or both
  • Assign and wait for confirmation: Notify the drivers about the dispatch via email or SMS or both and provide a specific time window for them to acknowledge and accept the dispatch.

Note: Additional drivers can be added by clicking ‘Add additional driver’ button.

Step 10: 

To assign equipment, you can choose the truck from the list or add it directly by clicking the ‘Add’ button. You can check the existing schedule of a truck by clicking ‘Dispatch Schedule’. Trailers are optional.

Note: Additional trucks can be added by clicking ‘Add additional truck’ button.

Select ‘Create Dispatch’ to complete the dispatch creation.  

Once when the dispatch is created for a load, you can proceed with routing, invoice generation and check calls procedures.

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