How to plan or customize the route of a dispatch?
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In TruckLogics, to generate or customize the route plan for a dispatch, make sure that you have assigned the driver and equipment for that dispatch.

Step 1:

To create routing, navigate to Dispatches -> Assigned Dispatches

Select the dispatch for which routing needs to be created. Go to the ‘Routing’ Tab.

Step 2:

In the Routing tab, you can view the total distance and the route that displays the locations of the shipper and consignee, Routing Stops, Starting point, and Base location. 

You can also view the route in Google Maps by clicking ‘View Map’.


Step 3:

If there are any changes in the route plan, update the new route by clicking on ‘Change route’

You have the following options:

Add start location: To add the starting point of the truck based on its last location.

Add stop and change the order: By clicking the ‘+’ icon, you can add stops in between the route. You can also change the order by dragging and dropping.

Return to Base: Check the ‘Return to base’ if you want the truck to return to its base location.

Step 4:

After customizing the route, you can click ‘Save’ to finish the routing process.


Additional Options to Provide Improved Guidance to your Drivers:

After finishing the routing process, you have a few other options that can be used to guide your drivers regarding the route for an assigned dispatch.

  • Directions
  • Route Plan
  • Fuel Optimization


You can view the distance using Google Maps and ProMiles in separate tabs. It offers step-by-step route directions to the destination as well as the best routes possible to get there quickly.

You can email this to the driver by clicking ‘Send E-mail to Driver’ or print it if required.

Route Plan:

This report displays the miles to be driven, traveling time, and breaks during the dispatch. This can also be emailed to the driver by clicking ‘Send E-mail to Driver’.

Fuel Optimization:

This report shows a cost-effective fuel usage plan for a dispatch, based on the estimated fuel required for the dispatch, the price of the fuel, and the best places to purchase fuel along the route.

(You can set your default preferences for Route Plan and Fuel Optimization in Settings >> General >> ProMiles Settings)


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