How to add check calls for a dispatch in TruckLogics?
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In TruckLogics, you can send periodic check call notifications to the shipper/consignee/broker/carrier regarding the status of a dispatch.

The option to add check calls offline is also available. You can either use TruckLogics mobile app or web application to add manual check calls.

Here is how you can add check calls in the TruckLogics Web application:

Step 1:

Go to the ‘Dispatches’ menu >> select the dispatch >> tap, Switch to ‘Check calls’ tab >> select ‘Add Check Call’.

Step 2:

Select the ‘Truck’ and the check call activity in the respective dropdowns.

The options are,

  • At Shipper - Use this option when you are at the shipper's location.
  • Pickup Complete - Use this check call after the cargo is loaded and ready to move.
  • Enroute - Use this while you are en route. 
  • At Consignee - Use this option once you reach the consignee’s location.
  • Drop-off Complete - Once the cargo is delivered, use this check call.


Step 3:

The ‘Pickup Location’ and ‘Scheduled Date/Time’ will be auto-filled.
You can add the ‘Current Odometer’ reading, ‘Reasons’, and any other ‘Notes’ if required.

Step 4:

After adding the required details, you will have three options. 

  • Save -  You can just save the check call activity in the ‘Check Call’ section of the Dispatch.
  • Save & Notify by text - Save the check call and notify the shipper /consignee /broker /carrier by text message.
  • Save & Notify by Email - Save the check call and notify the shipper /consignee /broker /carrier by Email.

You can view all the check calls added for a dispatch in the ‘Check Calls’ tab. 

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