How to create a trip sheet for dispatch in TruckLogics?
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During a dispatch, all you need is to track the miles driven by the truck in a province or state and the number of gallons of fuel purchased for that truck. You can enter a trip sheet to calculate the miles and fuel gallons under the Trip Sheet tab of a dispatch. In TruckLogics, either you can add a trip sheet manually or generate the trip sheet using Promiles.

ProMiles automatically calculates the loaded and empty miles accurately for a trip based on the routes driven. Before reaching the destination, you can also change the route and add routing stops for dispatch while entering the trip sheet. This will recalculate the miles based on the new route. To change a route, go to Trip Sheet >> Change Route, tap + icon to add routes, or drag and drop the locations.

To choose ProMiles as your primary method to calculate the miles for a load, go to Settings >> Load >> Miles. For other ProMiles Settings, go to Settings >> General >> ProMiles Settings.

Under ProMiles Settings, you can set the following preferences:

  • Choose a default Routing Method to calculate the miles for your trips.
  • Route along State Border
  • Autofill dates in Trip Sheet for Team Driver
  • Route Plan and Fuel Optimization

Once the preferences are set, click on the Save button to save these preferences as default while generating a tripsheet using ProMiles.

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