What documents are associated with a dispatch?
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Below are the documents that are associated with a dispatch. Some are generated automatically, while others may need your intervention. You can view, email, download, upload, and fax these documents from your TruckLogics account.

The Bill Of Lading (BOL)  is the most important document required in moving a freight shipment. It works as a receipt that provides the driver and the carrier with all the details needed to process the freight shipment and invoice it correctly. You can generate a BOL once a load or quick dispatch is created with freight details. You can now request your drivers, shippers, or consignees over an email to sign the BOL electronically, which avoids any physical contact involved in getting it signed.

An invoice clearly lists the freight details, mile, fuel usage, reimbursement, and deductions for each dispatch. You can create and generate standalone invoices for a specific customer with all loads created under them or for a specific load. You can also record full or partial payments. There is an option to factor your invoices, too, with factoring companies for quick cash flow. You can generate invoices for your clients once the load or quick dispatch is created.

Dispatch Summary 
The dispatch summary reports give a summary of the freight details, shipper, consignee, and charges calculated for the dispatch. This document will be generated once a load or dispatch is created.

Load Rate Confirmation Sheet
A load confirmation sheet is a crucial document that provides a rate confirmation for the carrier before proceeding. This document is sent to the carriers via email to notify them of the load rate available for dispatch. This document will be generated once load or dispatch is created.

Trip Equipment Sheet
This document has the truck and trailer details, driver, shipper, and consignee details used in the dispatch. This document will be generated once load or dispatch is created.

Proof of delivery is typically a receipt signed as confirmation by the consignee after having received the load. When accepting delivery of the goods, the consignee should note any visible loss or damage on the POD. It is the right of the freight shipper to request a copy of the POD at any time.

Watch the video below and learn how to keep record of your digital documents in TruckLogics

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