What are the data import options available in TruckLogics to generate IFTA reports?
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TruckLogics application provides three Data Import options to provide information about the distance, fuel data, and trucks for IFTA report generation.

    1. Pull Data from Dispatches or Motive -

This option will allow you to import Distance and Fuel data either from the Dispatches you created in TruckLogics or from your Motive account.

  • If you select a truck associated with TruckLogics, then the miles & fuel details will be pulled from dispatches. 
  • If you select a truck associated with Motive, then the miles & fuel details will be pulled from your Motive account.


    2. Upload Data in Bulk  

Use this import option to upload a large volume of distance & fuel data. You can just download our default excel template, enter the data as per the instructions, and upload it back with the required information.

Preview the records, and if no changes are required, ‘Continue to Import’. If no errors are found, the records will be successfully imported.


     3. Quick Entry

Enter the distance & fuel data manually. Click the ‘QE’ button under the ‘Action’ column. 

Choose the trip month and provide the trip details for the quarter. Then, click ‘Continue’ to generate the report. 


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