How to generate IFTA Reports with TruckLogics?
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IFTA reports can be generated in TruckLogics for each quarter based on the miles your vehicles traveled and the fuel-ups on the trips. To generate an IFTA report, you can use the Distance and Fuel data from TruckLogics, Motive, or ExpressTruckTax. 

As a new user, you can create a TruckLogics account and choose your role as a Service Provider or a Business Owner. Select the plan category as Generate IFTA Report Only or Complete Trucking Management.

Enter your business information, including your business name, business address, country, base jurisdiction, IFTA account number, etc.

Here’s how to generate an IFTA report for a quarter:

Step 1: 

Go to the ‘IFTA’ tab. In IFTA Dashboard, you can find the basic Business Details, IFTA Settings, and the Number of Qualified IFTA Trucks. You can always ‘Edit’ the Business Information and ‘IFTA Settings’

Note that there should be at least one Qualified IFTA Trucks to generate an IFTA report. 

Step 2: 

Click ‘Start Return’ on the quarter for which you need to generate the IFTA report. 

Step 3: 

There are three ways to include the trucks for IFTA Report Generation. 

  • Choose the trucks from the list in the Truck List screen to include for IFTA report generation. You can choose any number of trucks from the list. 

  • Click ‘Import from Motive’ by linking to your Motive account to import more vehicle data for IFTA report generation. 

Click here to learn more about how to generate Trucks from Motive.

  • Click 'Add New' if you need to add a new truck for IFTA report generation. Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to add a new truck.

  • Select the required trucks and click Next.

Step 4: 

Total Miles and Gallons will be displayed. The displayed miles and gallons will be displayed based on the selected ‘Data Import option’

There are three Data Import Options.

  • Pull Data from Dispatches or Motive - If you want to Import Distance and Fuel data from the trip sheet in TruckLogics or if you want to import the data from the Motive account, use this Data Import option. 
  • Upload Data in Bulk - The bulk Upload feature allows you to upload a large volume of data at one time using the default TruckLogics template.
  • Quick Entries - This option allows you to manually enter the distance and fuel data.

Click here to know more about Data Import options for IFTA reporting.

Step 5: 

IFTA summary report will be displayed for the selected trucks. Taxable distance and fuel details will be consolidated for each truck. Click ‘Next’ to proceed further.

Step 6: 

Select the appropriate IFTA option. Choose the boolean value based on the given option and click ‘Save & Continue’

Step 7: 

Current tax amount will be calculated based on the given trip details. In the below screen, provide the Credit Amount, if any, from the previous IFTA filings. 

The total IFTA amount and the penalties will be calculated and displayed.  

Step 8: 

The summary report will be displayed with the Basic business details, IFTA Details, and IFTA Tax summary calculation. Click ‘Next’ to check for errors.

Step 9: 

If there are any errors in IFTA details, they will be displayed on the audit screen. You might need to review your trip sheet and fuel up entries if there are warnings or error warnings. If no error, then click ‘Next’ to generate an IFTA report.

Step 10: 

Click the ‘Download IFTA Pdf’ button to view or download the completed IFTA return for your base jurisdiction based on the miles and fuel data you submitted. The document includes instructions and the address where you must send your return to complete your IFTA filing.

Your previously printed versions of the IFTA returns will be shown.

Step 11: 

Below is the IFTA pdf report. Download this report, print a copy, and postal mail it to the address given on the help page. 

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