How to add trucks manually for IFTA Report Generation?
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TruckLogics allows you to add your Truck details for IFTA report generation in 3 different ways. 

  • Quick Add (Manual entry)
  • Import from Samsara
  • Import from Motive

In this article, you can find out how to add your trucks manually to TruckLogics.

Step 1:

From the IFTA Dashboard, visit the 'Truck Zone' menu, and Click 'Add Truck' under the Quick Add Trucks section. 

Step 2:

You’ll get a popup that requires you to provide the following details of your truck. 

  • Unit Number - The unique identification number for the truck you are about to add
  • Fuel Type - From the drop-down, choose the type of fuel used for the truck
  • Gross Vehicle Weight - Choose the gross weight category of your truck.

Note: In order to be qualified for IFTA, the truck’s gross weight must be > $26,000 lbs.

You can add multiple trucks in one go. Once done, click ‘Save’ and proceed.

If you have a Motive account, you can choose the ‘Import truck from Motive’ option as well.

Once done, you will see a popup message, ‘Truck added successfully'. The trucks you added to your account will be available to be included for IFTA reporting. 

Step 3:

To edit or delete the trucks, click the respective icon under the Action column in Truck Zone. By editing the trucks, you will be able to add some additional details such as VIN, Make, Model, and Year.


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