How to add staff in TruckLogics?
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TruckLogics allows you to create a new contact for Staff involved in your business. You can add a staff member to your account either as a Dispatcher or Office manager.

Here’s how to add new Staff:

Step 1:

  • From the Dashboard, Go to the ‘Address Book’ menu (or) click ‘Add New’ and >> select ‘Contact’
  • On the Address Book page, click on ‘Add New’ and select 'Staff'.

Step 2: 

Provide the Staff details such as Name, Employee ID, Date of Birth, Email ID, and Contact number. Once done providing the required information, click ‘Save & Continue’.

Step 3:

Apart from these details, there are a few optional sections available regarding the Staff information:

Optional Information:

  • Address - Provide the mandatory mailing address details, and Save the information.
  • User Account- You can either give access as either Dispatcher or an Office Manager. Once access is given, this staff can access your account and start performing operations. 
  • Other Info- You can provide the broker’s Facebook, Twitter, website URL, and Notes and Description.

Step 4:

Provide the required information and click ‘Save’ or ‘Continue’ once done. 

You will get the popup message ‘Staff added successfully'.

Step 5:

After adding the staff to your account, you can ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ their information in the ‘Address Book’ by using the options under the ‘Actions’ column.  


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