How does the Samsara integration with TruckLogics work?
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TruckLogics offers a seamless integration for Samsara users, allowing for the direct import of truck and trip details. This includes information such as miles traveled and fuel expenses recorded through ELD devices, which can be effortlessly transferred into the TruckLogics account. With this feature, generating IFTA reports becomes a simple and efficient process.

Importing Trucks:

To integrate your Samsara trucks into your TruckLogics account, simply import all relevant information, such as the unit number, make, model, and any other important details. This will allow you to easily keep track of your fleet and manage your operations more efficiently.

Click here to learn how to import a truck from Samsara.

Merging Trucks:

If the trucks that you are importing from Samsara are already in your TruckLogics account, you can map them in order to avoid adding duplicate truck data. 

  • If there are similar TruckLogics trucks, they will get mapped automatically. You can also manually map the Samsara trucks with the TruckLogics trucks using the dropdown and import.
  • If there are no trucks to map , then select the trucks and click “Import” to create them in TruckLogics based on the information in Samsara.

Click here to learn how to associate the trucks from Samsara with the ones already in TruckLogics.

Importing Distance and Fuel:

Once your trucks are imported from Samsara, TruckLogics offers four different options to enter or import the distance & fuel data. Among these options, you can select the “Pull from Samsara” option, which allows you to import all the related information from your Samsara account directly into your TruckLogics account. This feature ensures that all essential data is synced and updated in your TruckLogics account.

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