How to upload fuel and distance data in bulk?
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With TruckLogics, you can import the fuel and distance data required for your IFTA report generation in any of the following ways.

Here’s how to bulk upload fuel and distance data:

Step 1:

From the ‘IFTA’ Dashboard, choose the respective Quarter and Tax Year and click ‘Get Started’.

Step 2:

On the ‘Choose Trucks’ page, you can find the list of trucks previously added to your TruckLogics account. You can choose the trucks for which you need to generate an IFTA report now and click 'Next'.

Step 3:

You’ll get a popup to choose the data import option for distance and fuel data. Click ‘Continue’ against the ‘Upload Data in Bulk' option.

Step 4:

TruckLogics provides you with two different templates for Bulk Upload

  1. Entire trip details Template -  Use this template to import the datewise summary of fuel and distance data for each state with the detailed breakdown (such as taxable distance, toll miles, etc.) from your ELD.
  2. Only distance and fuel data Template -   Use this template to import just the quarterly summary of fuel and distance data for each state from your ELD. (Recommended for quicker processing)



Download the template you prefer, follow the instructions provided, and update the details required.

Once done, upload the template back and click 'Upload'.

Step 5:

On the Preview Data page,the records from the template you uploaded will be displayed for preview. 


Step 6:

Our system will indicate the records that are successfully imported. 

If there are records with any errors, you can export those files, resolve the errors, and re-upload them back into our system. 

If there are no errors indicated, click ‘Continue’ and proceed further.

Your fuel and distance data will have been uploaded. You can proceed with the flow and generate your IFTA report.


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